Something to Think About


“If I were Queen of the World, I would abolish the nation state and internationalism would prevail.  There would be no need for passports or visas, and land could not be owned by anyone, not even me!” Wanda emphatically exclaimed.

“Well, that’s pretty lame,” Sergio smilingly mocked her.  “Sometimes I think you are so naïve spewing all this anarchist, egalitarian drivel.  You know what would happen—a lot of violence!  If land and property were all shared, I’d be the first to take over a big house on the beach in Malibu.  I always wanted to live on the beach.”

Wanda mused this over and tried to envision a place like the one she read about in William Morris’ News from Nowhere. 

“So what would you do, just go in and forcibly take over somebody’s home?”  Wanda was appalled.

“Why not?  Rich folks have oppressed us for so long.  It’s time they learned how to share.”

“Yeah, but material wealth is not the only thing that needs to be shared.  I think we should share each other’s dreams and aspirations.  The human race is too close to extinction if we don’t stop our inhumanity to one another.”  Wanda leaned back on her chaise lounge, sliding into a seductive pose, and lightly kicked off her slippers.  Her hair looked fabulous with red, shoulder length, curly tendrils surrounding a handsome face.  She was sexy without even knowing it.  Now her face was in serious, but playful contemplation.  Sergio wanted to take her right then and there but he knew she would be pissed off, thinking he only wanted one thing: sex.  Okay, so maybe he was a dog after all.  Now he remembered the lecture in his sociology class.  In Neolithic Horticulture Societies, women and children were not considered property.  Women were sexually free to have as many partners as possible.  Then there were the Pastoral Societies in the beginning of the Bronze Age, where herders put two and two together by watching their sheep hump one another.  If life comes from having sex (not from worshiping the Fertility Goddess), let’s mate the strongest and most attractive with the strongest!  That’s when the idea of procreation for the inheritance of property came into play.  Women and children then became property to be dominated by men.

Sergio said, “Most people today in working class society need to be told what to do, otherwise they will slack off and nothing would ever get accomplished.”  He almost looked menacing, leering down at her on the chaise.

“I strongly disagree.”  Wanda propped up her head with a hand over her elbow.  “Of course, initially one is an apprentice and needs instruction in any particular field.  Once that is accomplished, I think authority should be shared.  That way everybody gets to input how things get done.  Did you ever hear the story of how the child prodigy became better at her craft than the teacher?  Well, how is evolution supposed to happen if teachers don’t ever learn from their students?  Or, how about if a worker has a better way to do something that is efficient and saves money?”

Sergio flatly and cynically stated, “Bosses don’t want to hear it.  They are egocentric and can’t be bothered.  The most they want is to sit back, roll in the dough, and pay out as little as possible.”

“I know,” Wanda agreed with a sly look on her face.  That’s why we also have to get rid of the monetary system!”

That’s when Sergio lost it.  “Are you kidding!” he cried.  “What planet are you from?  How on earth are people going to get the incentive to work at all, if there is no money?”

“How about: inspiration through divine intervention!” Wanda laughed.

At that point Sergio playfully climbed over her hips and wrestled a kiss out of her.  At first, she put up a fight.  Who did this man with no imagination think he was?  Okay, so he was tall and good-looking.  But still, that didn’t give him privilege over her body!  His kiss was soft and tender.  Thank God he didn’t slobber.  There is nothing worse than slobbering kisses.

--Wanda von Dunagoy