Click  HERE  to buy the album on iTunes or  HERE  to get it on Amazon!

Click HERE to buy the album on iTunes or HERE to get it on Amazon!

News Blast: Zap, Pow, Wham! 

Wanda and The Way It Is has unleashed her new album entitled, Epiphany.  Her R&B funk rhythms melodically describe in funny lyrics how she felt "transference" with her shrink in Transference Blues, then tried to get over him in You Devil You.  She then crosses the border with Bongo Machito de la Vega and experiences International Love, showing her compassion for humanity in every country. Bemshi lets us remember the loved ones that we've lost but who are still a part of us.  Anniversary Song is a celebration of sobriety and blessings which are empowered when we let burdens go and Give It To God.  Finally, Crescent Noon is Wanda's tribute to Karen Carpenter, describing the cycles of life, death and rebirth. 

You can purchase a copy of the Wanda and The Way It Is, Epiphany album right off this Wanda website along with other older releases. Check out Wanda's music video, Bongo Machito de la Vega, the cat who dares cross the Mexican border!


You can get it on iTunes HERE, on Amazon HERE!

Wanda and the Way It Is: Epiphany

wanda bday flyer2.jpeg

When I thought about what I wanted for my 65th birthday, the idea of getting my band, Wanda and The Way It Is together cropped up into my mind.  What a celebration this will be!