A song by 

Valerie Black, Tom Ward, and Janet Laing

 c 1985


We got the feelin'
Dance to the groove now
We got the feelin'
Makin' ya move now

And once in awhile
when I'm checkin' out your style
You make me crazy--that's what I feel
My head gets hazy--it's so unreal

When you wiggle your hips
Makes me wanna lick my lips
You're so outrageous--you look so fine
And it's contagious--I'll make you mine

Love is not a total stranger
Still I feel my heart in danger
This time

Wanna spend the night with you
Still I feel it's impromptu
This time

We got the feelin'
Dance to the groove now
We got the fee1in'
Makin' ya move now

Don't know how you get to me
Guess I love a mystery
It must be somethin' about your moves
You fit so perfect in my groove

I like each subtlety
Lightly finger-tingle me
Wet sensation--such allure
I'm impatient
For so much more

Repeat chorus



A song by Tom Ward
and S. Wechsler
c 1985

Here come's the pressure boy so mean and lean
Just like he stepped right off a movie screen
He's got his pants on fire
Better watch out girl
Soak you with gasoline

He's such a bad motorcycle man
He gets his hands on one whenever he can
And rides it half the night
Until the cops catch sight of his taillight

Oh, pressure boy
Keeps a low profile
Confidential smile
You'd mistake for a sneer

Oh, pressure boy
When you dance on your ledge
Take the world to the edge
They'll be following you

You know the pressure boy plays so hard to get
Sideway smokin' at the luncheonette
He sucks his lemonade through a steel straw
Behind a barricade

Oh, honey, he's an actin' school drop-out
He'll rub your epidermis inside-out
He'll make you jump and shout
Plant the seed of doubt
And leave you open-mouthed

repeat chorus



A song by Janet Laing and Tom Ward  

c 1984


There have been aggressive women
throughout history
Acting out, they indulge
a spirit raging free

If you catch that bit
can you handle it?
If you squeeze that leg
You can make him beg

Go get him when you're feeling hot
Go get him when you know he's not even looking
'Cause you know that you're cookin'

Entice him with your lips
Then use your fingertips to tease him
You know you can please him


But don't you give it all away
That's when you keep him at bay
Otherwise the game is lost
Otherwise the fun is through

Enjoy him when you're hot
And let him kiss you in the right places
Ooh, he likes you in laces

Let him caress you dear
But don't let him too near
That tight spot
He knows it's the right spot

(repeat bridge)


So for all you women still in doubt
Who think you need a hero
If you can't make the first move honey
Don't you think it's awful funny?
When bozos hit you up all night?
While you just wait for Mister Right?
So don't blame me for what I see

Is whatcha get--FAT ZERO!


(Wanda's Medical Discovery)


A song by Janet Laing and Tom Ward
c 1986

I fell in love with my doctor
I didn't know what to do
I fell in love with that doctor
And now I'm better and feelin' blue

It happened in the operating room
Blood everywhere
Boy I was scared
But when I saw the doctor, I swooned
I forgot my pain
He's the one to blame
"Don't worry," he said, "Don't worry"

Micro-surgery on section two
Demerol was nice
When he took a slice
Soon he slipped into my fantasy
Was it my dream man?
Or just a brain scan?
"Don't worry" he said, "Don't worry"
That's when...

I fell in love with my doctor
I didn't know what to do
I fell in love with that doctor
And now I'm better and feelin' blue

I fell in love with my doctor
And it was serious, too
Too bad that he's married
So now I'm comin' home to you

Overnight prescription, baby stay
My own Killdare
With such intensive care
Stroked my agony away
My heart skipped a beat
Ooh, he's awful sweet
"Don't worry" he said, "Don't worry"



A song by Janet Laing and Tom Ward  
c I986

In my heart I knew
I was a sweet girl
Opened up my heart
Unto the whole world
Tried to treat him right
I was a treat-em-right girl
But now I check the swine
Before I cast my pearls

And Wanda Says:

Lick my heels you worthless gob of spit!

I never forgive a face.

Save that saliva for the spot between my thighs.

The best thing about football is the huddle.

A nerd and his noodle will soon be squirted.

You'll never be right until I spank you, sir!

Pussy power's gonna get your sister.

A man who does what he's told will get no argument from me.

Bozos exist because there are so few female disciplinarians.

If a guy insists on rough stuff, introduce him to your brothers.

Men run for office because they don't know how to decorate one.

Men and dildos, dildos and men, a tickle at first but hey, what then?

Go out and hustle your own damn Johns, pimp!